The Board is committed to the practice of good corporate governance and intends to apply, insofar as is reasonable in the circumstances, the guidelines of the BSE Code of Corporate Governance, and BSE Listing Requirements and the Companies Act. Special attention will be given to:


  • providing all stakeholders and the financial investment community with clear, concise and timely information about the Company’s operations and results;
  • ensuring appropriate business and financial risk management;
  • ensuring that no employee may deal, directly or indirectly, in Shares on the basis of unpublished price sensitive information regarding the business; and
  • acknowledging the Company’s social responsibility and providing assistance and development support to the communities in which it operates, and to deserving institutions at large.

Excluding the main Board of Directors, Choppies has an Audit and a Remuneration committee. The committees adhere to best corporate governance practice and are led by one of the six members of the Board of Directors.

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