In my own words, by Tefo O M Kopano

CHOPPIES-wheelchair_ftHello. My name is Tefo O M Kopano. I’m a Trainee Marketing Manager for Choppies Group of Companies. I’m stationed at Gaborone Botswana. I started working for Choppies in June 2011.

My whole life I had known about People Living with Disabilities (PWD’s), however I had never made a personal effort to extensively know about their issues nor struggles. Being in Choppies I began seeing them a lot coming to seek employment. My interest in them was thus cultivated. Over time I found myself advocating for them at employment level.

I paid particular interest in Deaf people. Among other disabilities, I thought they suffered the most due to the inability to communicate verbally. I found myself inclined to assist them. I wanted to learn sign language. Thankfully Choppies saw the need for me to study sign language in order to effectively engage them. Today as a person who coordinates employment for People living With Disabilities I can confidently say my office is well run as we cater for everyone and carefully tend to their needs.


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